Valentine's Day Post

Valentine's Day is over yet i still wonder why romantic love is associated with the story of Valentine . . . 

others are even taking extra mile just to look great and gorgeous. . . does it really matter? so what if you don't have a date? a guy or a girl for that matter.

Valentine's Day come and go.  so, what's the fuss?

mmmmm, am not sure with the real feeling. maybe because i dont know how it is like being ignored by the apple of one's eye. er perhaps am also trying to deny.

but what am sure is . . . i've never been a hopeless romantic. roses? chocolates? cards? notes? i had them all from different levels and stages of my life.

weekend trips abroad? a house? be famous? a brand new car? there's more actually . . . shhhh! someone had even asked me to keep his number and promised to show the world

i don't stand like a stunning ms universe but i dont understand why i got all of the above!

if others  exert a lot of effort just to catch man's attention, i dont have to. . . despite my age, others do still make a mistake. but u know what? tis not easy being attractive. believe me.

it disturbs a lot. . .

sure glad, i have learned to discern and give a second thought before giving in. i could have gone through more places for free, acquired this and that for free and have enjoyed a lot more for free.

but i prefer to have peace and contentment within me. after all, i believe, what really matter most are the things which are totally free . 

if only i have the heart to take advantage, i could have grabbed all the opportunities and woh lavish my self not only with the excitement, comfort and luxuries one could never imagine.

but tis enough that i am flattered and thrilled. . . i still believe that the best and softest pillow to sleep on is a clear conscience.

tis not a self defense nor a consolation for those who until now keep searching for their Valentine... am only sharing base on a true to life experience.

i cant help but thank people who truly care . . . those who constantly pray for me, my church and my heart teacher, Sir VALENTINE who have perfected his mission in me.

this blog is specially dedicated to him.

i may partly have an autobiographical mindset in my thought today but i am not trying to win all the arguments. i may have compared my thought but again tis not a self-defense nor a confession of others sin nor blaming others failing... just a post Valentine random thought i wanna share .

Below are the lessons from "Being Made Whole" that really taught me. the entire book leads to spiritual maturiry and mainly speaks about credibility and integrity.

. . . unless we let someone PERFECT, SINLESS and FLAWLESS take over us; we can never find peace. we can never stand tall and blameless like what the author said.

so, not only this Valentine's month, let us keep checking  if the following mental dirts and dangerous stuff still occupy the largest portion in our hearts. i do. it helps. and swear, it won't bother you to keep searching your Valentine and won't bother you to go through a lot of arduous physical make over. believe me. it's in the motive of your hearts

* autobiographical mindset - preoccupation of one’s own life - the past, present and future; haunted by success and failures and wrapped up with the idea that life itself is viewed only as personal experience

* win always mentality - constantly making sure of victory either in discussion, decision, choice, action or anything else; cannot take others to disregard his/her ideas or point of view 

* i know it all - all knowing 

* comparative/competitive thinking - constantly compares own life situation with somebody else's status, performance, etc 

* defensive mode - busy guarding his/ her own territory; sole aim is to make sure, he/ she is safe; runs away because he/she think others are finding fault in him/her

* assigning motives to others action - here we assign our own motives to somebody else's action (the author's definition that i like most) 

* confessing other's sin - equivalent to gossiping; looking down on others; spotting others differences and regarding one’s self as superior

* blaming others' weaknesses or strenghts for own failings - quick to make excuses for being unable to influence change in a situation and instead blame it on strenghts or weakness of others 

* victim mentality - endless self-pity 

* unwillingness to submit to authority - when things do not happen as expected, permeates resentment, harbors ill will and ends up in an open defiance of authority 

*poor listener - seems to be listening but immersed to own thoughts

*poor team worker - preference to work on solely and wanting to prove that "i can do better than the team" 

*fear of rejection and fear of criticism - cannot accept negative feedback


Ilaw said...

Thanks to this, which book are you referring anyway?

mystic5 said...

"Being Made Whole" by Valentine Davidar

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