that hearty link between mother and son

with the shocking news that captured  our attention in the country today, it is but normal to read and hear various comments from mere spectators and those directly involved.

mine is not more on the probable cause nor  motive of the incident but the saddest thing that only a son and a mother can understand... so, tragic but i hope that will never happen to my dear one. God forbid!

let my post then be a once upon a time endearing moments with my little one.

After our bedtime prayer that mundane eve of May 9, 2009, my little boy asked, “Why is your body always hot, ma?”

 “You mean, warm?”  “Yes," he said. "I love it when you hug me.” "Love it when i hug you, too. "

 “. . .yeah. like the hens, the ducks and the geese whose youngs are hatched because of their henny penny hug. maybe, the're really hot!"

 “Warm, honey,” I said. “Alright, alright. warm whatever it is.”  he said again and again.

 while busy packing up his things, he came again and asked,"Will you miss me if i'll be off for the kid's camp?"  "Of course!" i said.

 He then gave me some woodpecker smacks like he will be missing me a lot. He kissed and kissed like it was his last; on my cheeks, eyes, nose all over my face.

 That led me to ask what kind of girl he wanna have  one day and he said, “I will have someone who will love me as I am; just someone who will love me as I am. . .” 

 “Not exactly like me?”  “No, because there’s only one like you. And you are just for my dad.”

 When ask if he will miss me in case i'll be off for a week or two. He didn't say yes or no. he paused for a moment then ask what if his dad and i are no longer around. "what would life be like?" 

with my warmest hug i said "God is not selfish enough to take us away just that. One day soon,  you will have your little ones, too. upon settling down, you will be on your own; so, learn to be independent.”

 He paused again then asked, “What if, nobody will like me?” 

 “That’s impossible. there's always that special someone for every one and all of us will go through the same cycle of life. To be born, to belong, be a blessing and leave a legacy – like the Lion King.”

“. . . you mean, I must have my own family, too?”  “Of course. But …pray for your future partner.”

“But Simba and his friends didn’t pray for his partner.”

“Yes, he didn’t. You think, lions, pigs and meerkat pray? But you see? Simba had a good heart. That’s why, he got his dream partner” I explained

. “now I know what I want someday.”   “A lioness, merkaat or a piggy?”

“No. I wanna have someone like you. Please keep our secret, okey?”  I just said yes but i can’t help it.

For sure, other moms who will hear the same from their son would be proud to tell the same story again and again...


nanardxz said...

uhmm :) kaiinggit maam han.. nice post^^

shengmarie said...

I hope my son looks for someone better than his mom!

mystic5 said...

tnx, reynard. this is one of the most unforgettable bonding we have. for sure, indi n gid ni maliwat. . . a year or two from now sultero na ang baby ko kaya, paningkamot gid ang nanay isulat ni

mystic5 said...

hi Sheng! that idea needs a lot of exposure for him.

Tom said...

nice place.. and lovin' all your post here.. keep it up!

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