Life and Death

The highly publicized life and death of former Defense Secretary Angelo T. Reyes today reminded me of life and death of a very simple and ordinary person close to me. . . someone who knows no one, known not by anyone except by his colleagues and customers here at Mystic 5 Salon.

. . . the last time he touched my hair for my monthly hot oil,  i have already felt something. . . i dont know. i was not really sure. but my extra sensory perception had all the answers when last early morn of December 5, Grace called me up and said, "Ma'am, si Tata . . !" 

from her voice, i can sense something morbid happened. . . and the saddest revelation was . . . Tata was crashed on a deadly vehicular mishap after the Golden Valley that fateful night of December 4. 

the moment, Grace told me that, i know it was real. but i never thought that soon. he stayed with us for nearly two years. and in those years, i have not received any report against him being one of the hairdressers except that he seldom fix  and comb his hair ... 

... i never heard him complained nor murmur against our rules. i find him to be honest, hard working, law abiding, always ready with his accomodating gestures . . 

i knew he had never been into drugs, never been into wild parties with hard wines. . . he is the silent type, a homebody whose simple joy is to accomplish his daily task with all integrity and honesty. 

i have already felt it since the day we met. that is why no matter how others tell me to release him because he is a Muslim, i cannot convince myself just because we differ in faith and religion...

besides am not the kind who always believe what others say. i am keen in discernment. i always think about the motives. thank God for the wisdom.

what melted my heart was when his friends, staying with him told me how he saved his hard earned money just to bring pancit daily, of how he saved enough for putting up his dream house - a 4m x 5m m nipa hut with cemented floor.

i saw the real condition, i saw how hard he tried... no wonder why whenever i tell him to stay a little while everytime i drop by and check them after office hour, he is always in a hurry to go home. 

twas all not because of anything else but because of his precious belonging. what made it more precious were the 3 young ones depending on him. he got no family. he had been orphaned but he got the heart to rear 3 more under his care.

i cannot imagine how this single, 24 year old lad made it... but the confessions by his angels revealed the kind of person he is... my only regret is, i have not seen him within that week before it happened. and i have not prayed with them the way we used to before salon's closing . . 
i only got a sigh when Grace said, "don't worry, Ma'am, we have fixed his hair at least one week before the accident . . . his wish to have a beautiful hair was granted" 

i've known him to be one of a kind. but i discovered  more when he left.. . may his soul rest totally in peace and all those who were already departed.


nanardxz said...

I don't know if i already meet him maam, but i was really saddened by your story.. may he rest in peace.

orman said...

this is so sad... hope that the little ones are taken care of...

mystic5 said...

indeed, it was. tata is among those who are in pink shirts taken on our first anniversary. ambot kung nakita mo na xa

dnt worry, orman. his angels have already their foster parents

nanardxz said...

aw, kaya nga i did not include that pic here maam han baka kasi andun nga xa.. :)

btw, orman is the owner of multi-awarded , one of the country's influential blog 2010, read mu din maam han, magi-enjoy ka :)

mystic5 said...

huo gani. nabasa ko man. lingaw k ayo

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